Essex Compact

Welcome to The Essex Compact page.

A Compact is a voluntary agreement which aims to underpin and support better joint working between statutory agencies, such as local councils, and the voluntary and community sector in working together fairly and productively to improve the well-being of people living and working in Essex. It sets out principles and standards for a good, open, fair relationship between statutory and voluntary agencies.   In Essex there is Compact working on a national, county and in many cases district compacts basis.

In writing the current Essex Compact we paid close attention to the District and Borough Compacts which were up and running in nearly all Essex Districts and Boroughs and to the National Compact. We see District Compacts as guiding district-level activity, the Essex Compact as guiding county-wide or at least wider than individual district work, and the National Compact as applying to national processes. This is not a hierarchy and the smallest Compact carries as much authority as the biggest.

The Essex Compact was originally produced in 2004, but was extensively rewritten and extended in 2007-8, involving many voluntary and statutory organisations and a public consultation that ended in late January 2008, this new version was adopted in April 2008.

The Essex Compact consists of a core statement and four more specific codes of practice on

We’ve supplemented it with Compact Annexe Explanations which explains some of the more complex issues and a Compact Glossary for the terms used. You can access all these documents using the links below.

We are encouraging organisations to sign up to the Essex Compact. Once this is done we can support any organisation which believes it has suffered through a breach of the Compact through peer support and local mediation.

If you think mediation (a neutral person helping two groups who are in disagreement to find common ground) would help, there is an Essex Compact Mediation Panel contact us at for information on how to access.

For further information, to sign up or to update your details please contact us by e-mail at


Essex Compact Steering Group 2016

  • Canon John Brown - Independent Chair      
  • Adrian Coggins - Essex County Council
  • Jane Gardner - Essex County Council
  • Andrea Macalister - Essex Fire and Rescue Service
  • Greg Myddelton - Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Essex
  • Chris Rust - Vice Chair, Maldon District Council
  • Anthony West - North East Essex CCG
  • Sharon Alexander Essex Association of Councils for Voluntary Service
  • David Pickles - Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Suzanne Harris - Rural Community Council of Essex
  • Vacancy - Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Services
  • Tom Nutt - Healthwatch Essex
  • Avril O'Sullivan - Essex VCS Alliance)
  • Linda Riley - Voluntary Sector Training
  • Alison Semmence - Southend Association of Voluntary Services
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy