Weekly Update - 13th September 2013

This week the launch of the “Who Will Care? Commission’s report and the start of further work around Early Intervention.

Recent events

On Thursday Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett launched the ‘Who Will Care?’ Commission’s report into health and social care.  The report proposes the need to:

Weekly Update - 6th September 2013

This week sees the launch of the Family Solutions Early Help and Advice Hub and we report from Family Boot Camp.

Recent events

Councillor Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council, was asked to represent the Local Government Association at a private seminar on age 16-24 provision including transition from school to work on Thursday.

Weekly Update - 23rd August 2013

This week an update on Family Solutions training and some good news for the Strengthening Communities team.

Recent events  

As part of our work on Reducing Domestic Abuse the two pilot projects have now started with partners joining forces and investing to provide extra support to domestic abuse victims in Basildon and Braintree Districts.

Weekly Update - 16th August 2013

This week a ministerial visit that allows us to reflect on the impact that the Community Budget workstreams have already made.

Recent events

Tuesday saw Whole Essex Community Budgets receive a visit from the Minister for Local Government, Brandon Lewis. He met with members of the Essex Partnership Board who were able to highlight the impact that our Community Budget work has already made.

Weekly update - 9th August 2013

Recent update

This week the Reducing Domestic Abuse workstream saw the Basildon and Braintree pilots go live on Monday 5th and the Safeguarding Officers will begin supporting domestic abuse victims in Basildon and Braintree from Monday 12th.

Also on Reducing Domestic Abuse the Safe Accommodation officer has begun to meet and work with partners across Essex to develop innovative housing solutions for victims of domestic abuse. Her first task will be to establish current policies and approaches to supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

Weekly update - 25th July 2013

This week an Essex Partnership Board to report back from and our monthly catch up with the Strengthening Communities Team.

Recent events

The Essex Partnership Board met this week with the WECB programme high on the agenda. The Board emphasised the need to share workstream action plans with sponsors and the Board on a regular basis and tell the community budgets story more often to internal and external stakeholders.