Sounding Board Presentations

The Essex Partnership brought together key partners and stakeholders from across public, private and voluntary services at the annual Sounding Board event on Friday 26 September. Attendees heard from a range of speakers about recent achievements in reshaping public service provision and were encouraged to think differently about how to tackle the future challenges confronting public services.

Daisy is reducing domestic abuse - video

The Reducing Domestic Abuse programme is working to extend and improve the multi-agency approach to developing innovative approaches for managing perpetrators and to remove systemic barriers to enable individuals and families to have independent and healthy lives.

In 2014 the Essex Partnership, with the support of the Public Service Reform Unit has:

Community voices - Strengthening Communities Video

The Essex Partnership is innovating radical ways to deliver joined up public services.

The Strengthening Communities Programme aims to build a comprehensive approach to help create and support the conditions for stronger, more resilient communities across Essex. This will be achieved by redefining the relationship between the public, commercial, voluntary and community sectors to give people and communities - wherever possible - choice, control and responsibility, thus creating stronger and more resilient communities and reducing demand on Public Services.

Essex Partnership Sounding Board Programme

Partners from across Essex will come together for Essex Partnership Board's annual Sounding Board session on Friday 26 September to hear the Vision and Strategic Priorities for public service reform in Essex, to learn about the reform programmes that have been put in place and to recognise the achievements that have been transforming services and people's lives over the past 12 months.

Download the full Sounding Board Programme here.

Essex Partnership Board 17 June 2014

The Essex Partnership Board will meet Tuesday 17 June to discuss the challenges facing public services in Essex.

Partners will consider the vision and strategic plan for Public Service Reform in Essex; implementation of ‘Who Will Care’ recommendations, Transformation Challenge Awards; Strengthening Communities project and Family Solutions performance.

Find the EPB agenda and papers here.