ThePublicOfficeEssexThePublicOfficeEssex has been set up to drive systemic innovation and find new ways of working with practitioners and leaders that will deliver services that are:

  • better value
  • considerably improve outcomes for citizens and communities
  • directly engage citizens and communities

ThePublicOffice team is supporting Essex by designing a systemic approach to innovation and collaboration whilst enabling the approach to be delivered in real time within particular areas of work in Essex.


The team at ThePublicOffice is driven by a desire to see better life outcomes for citizens. 

They believe improving people’s lives is not something that should be done to or for people, hence the name: the PUBLIC office. ThePublicOffice work with organisations that want to review what they do and how they do it, who want to be inspired by the art of the possible, and who understand that citizens themselves have a critical role to play.

The team from ThePublicOffice have been working with Essex County Council since 2007.

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