Strengthening Communities Sponsor Group

March 13thThe Strengthening Communities Sponsor Group - constructive discussions took place around the remit/role, purpose and membership of the group. An update was also provided on the various Workstreams, which form the Strengthening Communities Project.

Bob Reitemeier, the CEO of Essex Community Foundation and a Sponsor of the Strengthening Communities Project, said that the The Whole Essex Community Budget Partnership has high aspirations for the people of Essex, Southend and Thurrock.

"Everyone in the partnership believes in the important role that the residents of Essex can play in building stronger, more cohesive communities. Support for the local voluntary and community sector is critical in this process, and the progress shown by the Essex Partnership programmes of work is very encouraging.

"We are already seeing increasing numbers of volunteers and volunteer hours, more and more neighbourhood support and activity across the Community Builders and Time & Care Bank pilots, and are now planning to rollout these programmes across the county, helping more and more communities.”