Strategy and Outcomes

There are over 28,000 incidents of domestic abuse reported to Essex Police each year and an estimated additional 100,000 unreported.  The impact of abuse can be huge for victims, their families and their communities and there are significant costs for public agencies seeking to support victims and prevent abuse.  Partners across Essex, Southend and Thurrock are taking a whole system view across all tiers of need to work together and commission appropriate joined up responses.


Partners have already delivered improved multi-agency information sharing, risk assessment and safety planning through the introduction of a Joint Domestic Abuse Triage Teams (JDATT’s) and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC).  Agencies have co-located and innovative process changes made to ensure a timely and informed response to reduce the risk of further serious injury or death.  In addition partners have jointly commissioned an Essex-wide Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) service, expanding IDVA provision significantly to a level of universal and consistent countywide provision for all high risk victims.  


Building on these successes the Domestic Abuse Strategic Board developed a new Joint Commissioning Strategy for Domestic Abuse (2015-2020), informed by a Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment, an independent review of progress since 2012, and an extensive programme of stakeholder engagement. The strategy provides partners with a clear sense of purpose and direction and will lead to consistent and coordinated action bringing collective resources together to address domestic abuse.  The strategy places outcomes at its centre and identifies the indicators of success and strategic activities now being developed and delivered to achieve these, the outcomes are: -