Sponsor Group Membership

Membership will be kept under review to ensure continuing relevance and, where appropriate, other parties invited to be represented on a needs driven basis.

Core membership:

Caroline Taylor – Essex Community Foundation

Mike Gogarty – Senior Responsible Officer for Strengthening Communities (ECC)

Susannah Hancock - PCC representative

Paul Feasey - VCS Alliance representative

Sarah Laskar - EACVS representative

Kevin Mckenny – South Essex CCG representative

Daniel Heard – Mid Essex CCG representative

Toni Coles/ Kirsty O’Callaghan – West Essex CCG representative

David Sollis – Healthwatch

Ian Davidson - District council’s representative (Tendring DC)

Les Billingham/Natalie Warren – Thurrock UA representative/s

Lysanne Eddy - Southend UA representative

Dawn French - District Council’s representative (Basildon DC)

Jane Gardner – Commissioner for Growing Essex Communities (ECC)

Councillor Anne Brown - Cabinet Member for Community and Healthy Living (ECC)

Vedantha Kumar - Public Service Transformation Network representative

Roger Morris, Bishop of Colchester – Faith representative

John Gili-Ross - Parish representative (EALC)

Workstream sponsors – these individuals will represent current projects (when required) within the SC Programme:

Jackie Sully – Community Builders (Rainbow Services)

Tracy Rudling – Time/Care banking, My Social Prescription (Colchester CVS)

Robert Locke – Youth Volunteering (SAVS)

Sarah Laskar – Men’s sheds (Maldon CVS)

Paul Probert – Community Builders (ECC)

Andrew Gardner - Community Agents (Age UK)

Programme/Project team:

Patrick Guthrie – Head of Public Service Reform (ECC)

Helen Lax – Strengthening Communities Project Lead (Public Service Reform Unit)

Vicki Wellington - Strengthening Communities Project Support Officer

Nicola Perry - Senior Communications Officer (ECC)