Shared Family Assessment

A Shared Family Assessment is a document that Family Solutions use when working with a family to help them identfy areas they wish to change. The views of all family members are reflected in the assessment in order to identify all the issues the family faces.

The Scaling Tool  is then used to identify the areas a family wish to prioritise and the steps that can be made to improve each area. These areas will make up the Family/Intervention Plan.


Registering a Shared Family Assessment

A Shared Family Assessment can be used by any professional to help them in capturing the needs of the family and identifying strategies to help families make changes to improve their lives.

Professionals if they wish to, can register the Shared Family Assessment by first obtaining consent from the family to register it. The professional will then need to register the Assessment by following the guidance document and completing the registration form below:

Registering a Shared Family Assessment

Shared Family Assessment Registration Form

Password Protecting a Document

If you are unsure about how to password protect a document please click here to see a guide.


Training on how to use a Shared Family Assessment is available from the Working Together in Essex Portal