Perpetrators are prevented from causing physical and emotional harm

Indicators of success


  • Number of repeat victims
  • Operation Shield Total Harm Score
  • Number and proportion of successful prosecutions
  • Number and proportion of positive disposals
  • Number of perpetrators identified and referred into behaviour change programmes
  • Effective completion of behaviour change programmes



To reduce the harm caused to victims by perpetrators of domestic violence, through a combination of robust control measures, effective criminal justice interventions and behaviour change programmes.


Strategic Action


  • Develop and pilot a range of perpetrator programmes for domestic abuse perpetrators in both Criminal Justice and non- Criminal Justice settings, focusing on MARAC referrals (from a range of agencies); Conditional Cautions, Family Interventions and referrals from those providing substance misuse and mental health support
  • Implement the learning from previous DHRs (and DHR thematic review activity)
  • Monitor the impact of body worn cameras in relation to positive outcomes in domestic abuse cases.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of victim led prosecutions and the proportion of failed domestic abuse cases.
  • Ensure effective training in relation to domestic abuse across the criminal justice agencies and undertake an annual stock take of this.
  • Ensure effective use of Police/Court Bail
  • Increase activity in relation to medium and standard risk cases.


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