Governance Arrangements





Southend Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Strategic Board (SETDASB)


SETDASB provides strategic leadership to address domestic abuse and is the overall decision-making body with ultimate accountability for partnership working on Domestic Abuse. Seeking to establish a multi-agency framework, common ethos and co-ordinated approach to innovate, drive change and address domestic abuse across Essex, Southend and Thurrock, in a way that: -


  • achieves value for money; 
  • improves the safety of domestic abuse survivors;
  • improves the management of offender behaviour, and
  • brings more perpetrators to justice;
  • improves prevention and earlier intervention services;
  • achieves proactive and innovative information sharing;
  • joins up the services so that service users feel supported by a coherent/co-ordinated system; and
  • holds each other to account for delivery of the strategyand its outcomes.


Essex Domestic Abuse Joint Commissioning Group (EDAJCG)


EDAJCG ensures a joint strategic approach to the commissioning of domestic abuse services which incorporates; early intervention/prevention; focuses on evidenced based outcomes where possible/ building on evidence where gaps are identified; and develops and delivers this joint commissioning strategy to achieve effective outcomes for victim/survivors and perpetrators. The group reports up into and is accountable to SETDASB on activities to:



  • pool resources and jointly commission domestic abuse services in line with this strategy;
  • ensure service users and perpetrators are at the centre of the commissioning process; 
  • have effective strategic performance monitoring to ensure that all the relevant services are being evaluated to ensure they achieve the agreed outcomes and meet the identified needs they are targeted to support;
  • consider and pursue opportunities for service/system redesign to deliver improved quality and outcomes; and
  • support and work with other areas of commissioning around domestic abuse to work towards delivering this strategy.


The Domestic Abuse Reference Group


The Domestic Abuse Reference Group brings together a range of provider organisations across Greater Essex. The group also attend SETDASB for one meeting each year. 


Its aim is to both keep these partners informed of what is emerging from the key governance groups for domestic abuse and also provide an opportunity to feed into these. The group also provides an opportunity to share good practice that is taking place across the Greater Essex.


Domestic Abuse Task and Finish Groups


A number of specific task and finish groups then sit under the programme wide governance groups described above and have responsibility for progressing specific components of this joint commissioning strategy, these include


  • JMOGG - The Joint Domestic Abuse Triage Team and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference Governance Group
  • Health Domestic Abuse Sub Group
  • Domestic Abuse Commissioning Community Based Services – Task and Finish Group
  • Education – Healthy relationship education programmes to all young people across Essex.
  • Perpetrator /Criminal Justice joint work stream.


The above arrangements have been developed within the context of a number of pre-existing meeting arrangements where some links need to be maintained, this includes but is not limited to: -


  • Essex Partnership Board
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards
  • Community Safety Partnerships
  • Essex Criminal Justice Board
  • Essex Housing Officers Group
  • Health Executive Forum
  • Adult/Children Safeguarding Boards