Focus Groups


This report below document the findings of qualitative research conducted on 16th and 17th Feb 2012 by QA research on behalf of the Whole Essex Community Budget programme.

Final Report

This reseach involved focus group sessions with the following groups: -

Group 1 – Public sector managers

Group 2 – Front-line workers

Group 3 – Service users including members from the Essex Healthwatch Pathfinder

Group 4 – Voluntary and community workers / managers / organisations

Group 5 - Contractors

Its aims were to follows: -

  • Identify current challenges & drivers for public service;
  • Gauge awareness and initial opinions of Community Budgets and the pilot programme;
  • Examine the perceived challenges of the Community Budget Pilot and how they could be overcome;
  • Identify any existing programmes and best practice that could be accelerated;
  • Determine any potential ‘Big Ideas’, and;
  • To establish perceptions of what success of the Community Budget pilot would look like.

On July 5th and 6th 2012 an additional round of focus groups were held , the findings from these will be made available once available.