Essex Data (ED) Programme

Essex Data: Programme - tackling issues earlier through smarter use of data

The Essex Data: Programme is a pilot, funded by grant brought into Essex to support system wide transformation towards early intervention, which seeks to offer a way for organisations delivering public services in Essex to share and integrate data and use it to predict and manage risks.

The tool that has been procured as part of this programme, and is currently being implemented by a project team based at Essex County Council, uses technology that is truly different from what we already have; it is the next generation of technology solutions.

The tool, developed and owned by Pi Ltd, is dynamic and intelligent, capable of combining multiple data sets from multiple providers and with the ability to use machine learning to constantly hone and refine predictions of those at risk. This has massive potential for health services because it enables better outcomes to be achieved for individuals and efficiencies to be gained because risk is predicted more accurately.

Great work has been undertaken to get this pilot programme underway; procurement of the strategic partner and management of an initial prototype to predict school readiness. The prototyping approach enables the selection of specific challenging issues that can potentially be addressed by combing data to predict risk in a specific geography in order to prove the concept and demonstrate the value before scaling up.

The pilot programme will run until August 2018 and in that window we will engage with and test the capability of the tool within health services in Essex so we understand the potential of this type of technology to address some of our big challenges and transform the way we work.

A video for more information about the tool can be found here:

For more information about ED and the first prototype work taking place in Basildon, please contact