Domestic abuse impacts on quality of life and can ultimately destroy people’s lives. Despite being a significant contributor to crime statistics it is also a pattern of behaviour that often happens behind closed doors and is grossly under-reported. It is an issue that cuts across all social, geographical and cultural groups. 

Domestic abuse causes harm to both adults and children, both directly and indirectly, and is of high financial cost to public agencies, the economy, the individuals concerned and wider society. Furthermore it produces patterns of behaviour that are often replicated from generation to generation and these inter-generational cycles must be broken.

Partner organisations across Greater Essex are delivering appropriate joined up responses to those affected by domestic abuse; underpinned by a recognition and an understanding that no single agency can address this complex issue in isolation. By working together partners can make the best use of existing collective resources, and draw upon additional resources, to address the issue of domestic abuse from a whole system perspective.